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PinePhone UBports Community Edition Pre-Orders Now Open

PinePhone UBports Community Edition mock-up; final product may differ in appearance.

I am proud to announce that the PinePhone UBports Community Edition is now available for pre-order with an estimated shipping date of late-May, 2020. Community editions are meant to bring exposure to partner-projects operating systems and communities, as well as help finance ongoing development. 

UBports were some of the very first to embrace our initiative and to offer support for the PinePhone. Together with their friends and colleagues from other projects, UBports developers have now become an integral part of PINE64, actively shaping our goals and aspirations. It is therefore fitting that UBports Foundation will be the first partner in our Community Edition scheme, in which we will ship a customized PinePhone with UBports’ operating system and donate all profit from sales to the foundation (more information on the scheme here). 

The PinePhone UBports Community Edition ships with a customized case (etched with the project’s mascot - Yumi),  a revised PCB (v1.2) featuring improvements based on feedback from Braveheart developers and testers, as well as CE and FCC certification.    

To learn about the state of the software and to pre-order this community edition the PinePhone, please click the button below - you will be redirected to UBports blog.

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