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PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition

I am thrilled to announce that the next Community Edition (CE) of the PinePhone will feature Manjaro. For those of you who do not know, Manjaro is an Arch-based Linux operating system designed with user-friendliness in mind. But Manjaro is more than just an operating system, it is also a large and vibrant community of contributors and end-users, which I highly encourage you to join.

Manjaro has offered support for PINE64 devices since the very beginning - with high-quality OS builds now available for nearly all our SBCs and devices - and the PinePhone is no exception in this regard. There are currently three Manjaro PinePhone build variants (Lomiri, Phosh and Plasma Mobile) for users to try out - all available for download from Manjaro’s downloads repository.

To learn more about Manjaro’s plans for their edition of the PinePhone, please read the complimentary announcement post on their forum.

This community edition will ship in a custom presentation box designed by Manjaro’s development team, and the PinePhone itself will feature a sleek-looking Manjaro logo on the back-cover (see renders for reference).

This PinePhone CE will be available in two hardware configurations:

  • $149 – 2GB RAM; 16GB eMMC

  • $199 – 3GB RAM; 32GB eMMC (includes a bundled USB-C dock)

Both configurations of the Manjaro CE PinePhones feature rev. 1.2a PCBA, introduced with postmarketOS CE that is currently shipping. The $199 hardware variant, called convergence package, also features a USB-C dock equipped with 10/100 Ethernet, 2x USB type A ports, HDMI digital video output and power-in via USB-C.

We will donate $10 per unit sold to the Manjaro development team. To learn more about this scheme please click here.

Pre-orders for the Manjaro Community Edition PinePhone open mid-September. To be notified when pre-orders go live make sure to subscribe to this blog, the Telegram PINE64 News Channel (not chat) and follow us on Twitter and Mastodon.