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I owe you a riddle

The riddle has been solved and we’ll be contacting the winner in the coming days. The comments section has now been locked until January. Thank you to everyone who played along!

The correct answer is: QUARTZ64

In the event you’re interested, you can learn more about the riddle here.

In the November Community Update I promised you a riddle concerning the naming of our upcoming range of RK3566 Single Board Computers.

The person to solve the riddle first will receive the first board straight from the production line. Leave your guess in the comments section.

If no one guesses correctly by then Monday, December 21, when the blog comments will get turned off due to the website being overhauled, then we’ll continue this community challenge on the forums. I’ll edit this post with a forum link if need be.

Good luck!


Between a Pine and a Rock

My origins are to be found

Heritage of the sun and sand

Locked in cogs circle round

Now here alone I stand

It all makes sense

Shifted one to the right

Look down and ahead

In your line of sight

The solution can be read