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We are KDE patrons

KDE is a project near and dear to our hearts. The original Pinebook, which forged the path for our current hardware lineup, was the first PINE64 device to ship with KDE Plasma Desktop. This was in early 2017. Fast forward to today, both the PinePhone and Pinebook Pro - our current flagship devices - ship with their respective Plasma user interfaces atop of the Manjaro operating system. As many of you surely also remember, earlier this year a dedicated KDE community edition of the PinePhone was sold with the intention to boost development of the Plasma Mobile user interface on the PinePhone.

Suffice it to say, we have a long-standing and close relationship with KDE. Therefore it gives me great pleasure to announce that PINE64 has been made a patron by KDE e.V.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank KDE e.V. and all the developers I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years as well as KDE community members, who have been very supportive of what we do. This most recent development in our mutual journey will surely result in closer cooperation and a tighter integration of KDE’s technology on our hardware platforms. Many good things will come from this - stay tuned. 

Read the full announcement on KDE’s website.