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PinePhone community poll

People pick up a PinePhone for the freedom to choose an operating system, to enjoy privacy by default, and to truly own the device they purchase. From the moment a PinePhone departs from our warehouse we no longer have any insight into what happens to it. I frequently get asked questions about PinePhone’s user base, the percentage of people daily-driving it, and the most popular operating systems on our platform. I have no real answers to offer to these questions. Today I am turning to you for help to paint a picture of the PinePhone community by volunteering answers.

We’ll let the survey stay up for about a month to get the largest possible sample. Once the survey gets taken down, we’ll crunch the numbers and share them with you in the February community update.

Before I let you get to it, PinePhone and PinePhone Pro related news will be dropping very soon, so I encourage you to subscribe to this blog - the subscription widget can be found at the bottom of the page.

The poll is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Poll results available here