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PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition pre-orders open January 11

We initially hoped to open PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition pre-orders earlier this month, but the factory encountered minor problems which had to be resolved prior to production starting. Such hiccups are common and expected, and normally a ten-day delay isn’t a major problem. However, with the Chinese New Year starting on February 1st the January production and shipping windows have now shrunk to just a handful of days. We’ve therefore been impatiently awaiting the factory’s green light per our policy that “(…) we [only] take pre-orders for [devices] once production is securely underway”. Thankfully the ‘go-ahead’ signal arrived earlier today. 

PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition pre-orders open today, January 11th (7:00PM UTC / 11AM PST) and there will be a 6 day order window for January/ early February deliveries. Pre-orders placed on or after January 18th will first ship out once the team returns from their holidays.

The Explorer Edition is a large production run and we don’t expect it to sell out quickly. This also means that if the Pine Store server becomes slow or unresponsive on January 11th then please don’t spam it with repeated F5 key presses - instead, come back the next day to place your order then. Your PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition will ship by the end of January as long as you place your order anytime in the January 11th - 17th window. Please note that we’re only selling 1 unit per person and that the PinePhone Pro needs to be checked-out separately to other store items. 

Stay tuned for more PinePhone Pro news in this month’s Community Update. 

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