Welcome to the PINE64 community!

PINE64 has a large, diverse and active community, and offers a variety of resources for hobbyists and businesses to successfully leverage various PINE64 products.

To become connected and involved with the community, please see the channel list below for a list of available channels and chat platforms.

PINE64 is a community-driven company focused on creating high-quality, low-cost ARM devices and, more recently, RISC-V devices for individuals and businesses around the globe. PINE64 made its debut with the PINE A64 single-board computer, which successfully launched on Kickstarter in 2015. PINE64 has since released a multitude of other devices, including both development boards and end-user devices.

For information about PINE64 branding, including the usage of the PINE64 logo in non-commercial and other applications, please read the article about our brand and logo.

The most important asset we have at our disposal is our community. We foster an active, friendly and large community of developers, contributors and end-users like yourself. Across our various community-ran chats and forums there are tens of thousands of people willing to help with any issues you may encounter.

There are a wide range of communication protocols to choose from.

Chat platforms

PINE64 has a large and very active community. Community discussion takes place on a variety of chat platforms, which are all bridged together so the messages sent via one platform are sent to all other platforms automatically. The other networks and their users are represented by P64ProtocolBot.

The community chat platforms are the following:

  • Discord: use this Invite Link. All Pine64 discord channels are immediately viewable, do not need to join separate channels like the Telegram/Matrix table below.

  • IRC: the server is irc.pine64.org. Use /list command or the table below to see the full list of channels.

  • Matrix and Telegram: See the table below.


General channel








PINE A64(+), A64-LTS & SOPine




ROCK64 / ROCKPro64








Quartz64 Development








Pinebook and Pinebook Pro




















PineTime Development




PineBuds Pro








Pinecil Development




Pinetalk Podcast








Nutcracker, Ox64, Oz64












There is also an unofficial Matrix Space at #pine64-space:matrix.org for supported clients that organizes all of the above matrix channels into one place.

Notes regarding the chat

PINE64 community is not some always responding, restless commercial customer service, or some sort of almighty existence that can resolve all your problems. When participating in community discussions, please be patient and do not expect questions to be answered immediately, certainly, or currently.

  • The activity of community members varies depending on the time of day and the number of active users.

  • Whether your questions will be answered & whether the answers are right and definitive, depends on the information you provide, and, after all, difficulty of your questions & community members' ability.

  • Read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way to learn more.

  • PINE64 uses a bridge bot (matterbridge with some modifications), which allows Discord, IRC, Matrix, and Telegram users to see and participate in the community chat.

  • The bot name is "Pine64 Protocol Droid" and if you see this, look in the message to see the actual author of the message.

  • When the bot relays messages it will show the platform the user is using: [D] for Discord, [I] for IRC, [M] for Matrix and [T] for Telegram.


PINE64 runs an official forum powered by the open-source forum server software MyBB. The forum can be used to report issues, help out other users, offer findings and new information and more. Users can also engage directly with the community and the developers of partner projects, as well as with the PINE64 members.

The official PINE64 forum can be accessed here:

Also, these are the official Subreddits: