Get in touch with the community

If you need assistance with setting up your PINE64 device or have questions about the community resources (such as the software, the community website and the documentation) and general questions, you can contact the community by joining the community:

The community is happy to help you set up your device and to answer any questions you have regarding the hardware and software, as well as regarding the development. Many of the devices produced by the Pine Store ship with software and other resources created by us, the community. That means that getting in touch with the community if you have any question regarding the devices and how to use them will get you in contact with the technical experts directly.

Come join us! You can get in touch via Discord, IRC, Matrix and Telegram under the above link. There are also Subreddits and a forum.

Pine Store contact

For all inquiries regarding sales, shipping, warranty and returns please contact the relevant Pine Store ltd. e-mail or use the online support system.

Note: the Pine Store e-mail addresses are on the (community) domain due to historical reasons.