An Open Source Smartphone Supported by All Major Linux Phone Projects

The PinePhone is a smartphone that empowers users with control over the device. It is capable of running mainline Linux, features hardware privacy switches, and is designed for open-source enthusiasts. Powered by the same quad-core ARM Cortex A53 64-Bit SoC used in our popular PINE A64 Single Board Computer, the PinePhone runs mainline Linux as well as anything else you’ll get it to run.

The purpose of the PinePhone isn’t only to deliver a functioning Linux phone to end-users, but also to actively create a market for such a device, as well as to support existing and well established Linux-on-Phone projects. All major Linux Phone-oriented projects, as well as other free and open source operating systems, are represented on the PinePhone and developers work together on our platform to bring support to this community-driven device.

Features and Specifications







You can use the PinePhone’s six pogo pins to add a variety of attachments such as a keyboard or wireless charging case


Hooked up to a external monitor the PinePhone can used as a small low-powered portable computer


You can find parts for the PinePhone on the store to fully repair or upgrade your device


Five hardware switches allow you to disable the cameras, microphone, WiFi and Bluetooth, and the LTE modem