A Powerful AI Compute Module

The SOEDGE is a 3TOPS compute module that can be paired with a dedicated baseboard or the SOEDGE Baseboard for development. It can also be connected to a SBC, such as the ROCKPro64, or a regular X86 PC using PCIe or USB 3.0 using special adapters. The SOEDGE is, at the time of writing, in early stages of development; if you are a developer interested in Neural Networks and open hardware, please contact us directly for a development unit.

Features and Specifications


2 x ARM Cortex A35 Processor @ 2.0 GHz




A power-efficient ARM 64-Bit Armv8-A architecture

AArch32 for full backward compatibility with Armv7

Supports NEON Advanced SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) instruction for acceleration of media and signal processing function

Support Large Physical Address Extensions(LPAE)

VFPv4 Floating Point Unit

32KB L1 Instruction cache and 32KB L1 Data cache

AArch64 for 64-bit support and new architectural features

TrustZone security technology

Neon Advanced SIMD

DSP and SIMD extensions

VFPv4 Floating point

Hardware virtualization support

128KB L2 cache

128Mb SPI Flash

Form factor

SODIMM form-factor

SODIMM Form-Factor

With the small SODIMM form-factor the SOEDGE is perfect for use as a embedded project


Each SOEDGE modules includes 2GB DDR4 RAM

Rockchip RK1808

The RK1808 uses a power efficient Armv8-A archeitecture with dual ARM Cortex A35 cores at 2 GHz


The RK1808 SoC has a Verisilicon Vivante NPU