• To operate this board you will need a power supply, Pine advises a "5V 15A power supply with 6.3mm OD/3.0mm ID barrel type DC Jack" which is also available in the store (EU / US versions). There are other ways to power this board, but they are not described here yet.

  • The board works best when it is protected by a (mITX)case, and has some airflow provided by a fan.

  • Each SOPINE module can use cooling, both by a casefan, and by using heatsinks on the individual modules. At least the A64 could use some cooling.

  • The first slot can use a eMMC module, which are in the store in 16GB / 32GB / 64GB / 128GB sizes. The modules can be used as a USB stick using a USB adapter. (The eMMC is also readable with the Hardkernel eMMC to microSD converter.)

  • Two AA batteries, to allow the SOPINE nodes to retain the RTC (Real Time Clock) time and date information when the power is disconnected.