Q: Are the individual MAC addresses linked to the PHY chips, or the module?

A: The MAC address is specific to the SOPINE module; swapping modules within the Clusterboard does not change the MAC address of the module.

Q: Why will SOPINE modules not reboot when installed on a Clusterboard, but will when installed on a SOPINE Baseboard?

A: The cause has been determined to be back-EMF, and can be resolved with some relatively easy hardware modifications, thanks to excellent troubleshooting performed by Eric. Please, have a look at the extensive article he wrote to find out how to resolve this issue. See also this forum thread for further information.

Q: Do I need heatsinks on any of the components on the Clusterboard?

A: According to the datasheets for the RTL8370N switch ASIC and the RTL8211E PHYs, they consume and thus dissipate up to about 3ย W each. As a result, it would be advisable to properly affix passive aluminum heatsinks onto each of these components. Please note that this explanation does not cover the SOPINE and SOEDGE modules.