Mali Driver

Here is the good DRM powerpoint presentation by Free Electron:

Here is the DRM video presentation by Free Electron:

Wayland MALI Driver

X11 MALI Driver

X11 Notice

Attached are the implemented driver and library.

  • lib_x11_r6p0.tar.bz2´╝Üopengles upper layer library´╝Ť

  • r6p0_kernel_driver.tar.bz2´╝Ügpu driver code´╝Ť

  • sunxi_arm_video.tar.bz2´╝Ü dri2 and exa video related accelerator implementation´╝Ť

  • sunxi_drm_0622.tar.bz2´╝Üdrm driver´╝Ť


Using drm driver not able to coexist with display driver´╝îdue to utilize display relate BSP section´╝ŤDrm driver able to integrate with sunxi_arm_video apply gem during cache and cache refresh´╝îopen cache able to increase performance´╝ŤDrm driver utilize sunxi_tr BSP rotate section´╝înot able to public sharing with sunxi_tr´╝Ť

Known issue´╝Ü

Due to rotate hardware not support crop, and majority exa accelerators operate using crop´╝îsunxi_arm_video is reference code (features already verified)´╝îthis allow familiar with xorg hardware accelation´╝î If using web page and character appear vertical strip, this may not related to cache problem and may due to character library. This issue still need to further verified.