Start the building process cloning both the upstream Buildroot repository and the Buildroot Bouffalo overlay repository:

 $ mkdir -p ~/ox64
 $ cd ~/ox64
 $ git clone
 $ git clone

Define an environment variable for the Buildroot Bouffalo overlay path:

$ export BR_BOUFFALO_OVERLAY_PATH=$(pwd)/buildroot_bouffalo

Change directory into the cloned Buildroot folder:

$ cd ~/ox64/buildroot

Apply the default configuration for Pine64 Ox64:

$ make BR2_EXTERNAL=$BR_BOUFFALO_OVERLAY_PATH pine64_ox64_defconfig

Use the menuconfig tool to adjust the build settings:

$ make menuconfig

Within menuconfig, configure the following:

  • Select Target Options

  • Enable Integer Multiplication and Division (M)

  • Enable Atomic Instructions (A) using space key

  • Enable Single-precision Floating-point (F)

  • Enable Double-precision Floating-point (D)

  • Select Target ABI, set it to lp64d and press Exit

  • Select Toolchain, enable Fortran support, enable OpenMP support, and Save & Exit

Initiate the build process, but first make sure that your PATH variable contains no spaces. For Arch Linux distrubution you may also need to install extra-packages with sudo pacman -S cpio rsync bc.

$ make

Buildroot will output the needed files to the ~/ox64/buildroot/output/images directory in about 1 hour, according to your computer processing resources and internet connection speed.