This page is about the community project to add straps to the PineBuds Pro.

Strap for buds

Although PineBuds Pro, "true wireless", earbuds are comfortably light and stay in ears better than wired ones (when nothing tug them from your ear), they can still did it, for example, during sports. Because they are completely non-wired, it also means that they will then drop directly to the ground and may break. That’s why it might make sense to use a strap like this in sports. We are trying make strap for PineBuds Pro.

Strap with 3.5mm AUX connector

Each bud has pins through which is UART connection. When we find or make a strap for PineBuds Pro we can add wiring inside it and put PCB in the middle that receives analog signal with the 3.5mm AUX connector and feeds it to the buds.