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Carrier support

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This page contains hints on setting up cellular network connectivity for specific carriers. For more general information, see the carrier support section of PinePhone. For the APN settings see APN settings.

Check compatibility

To check if the PinePhone is supported on your carrier:

Search for your carrier on frequencycheck.com and compare the carrier’s LTE/GSM/WCDMA frequencies to the PinePhone’s supported frequencies (listed in the https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/File:Quectel_EG25-G_LTE_Standard_Specification_V1.3.pdf modem specification sheet).

It is likely that there will be a few frequencies that your carrier uses which are not supported by the PinePhone. Not all of the carrier’s frequencies need to be supported by the PinePhone for it to work - as long as most of them are supported, you will still get good coverage.

Some providers may allow only certain known devices identified by their Type Allocation Code.

MMS workarounds

These scripts allow partial MMS support on a PinePhone in distributions without working MMS support:

There is a Haskel MMS client. MMS can also be manually composed with mmsd on the command line.