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Getting started

The PineTab2 box contains two smaller boxes.

The first box includes:

  • the PineTab2,

  • a short user guide,

  • a power cable and

  • the UART adapter. Note that the UART adapter is in the same package as the power cable in a second compartment and can be a bit hidden.

The second box has the keyboard in it.

First start

The PineTab2 can be started by pressing and holding the power button for two seconds. The device is initialized at the first boot and will power-cycle while the partition table is populated.

INFO: If the initialization process is interrupted it might lead to a corrupted operating system installation. In that case reinstall the operating system as explained below.

The PineTab2 ships with DanctNix Arch Linux and comes with a pre-set user and the default password 123456.

Default credentials

Default user

alarm / 123456

You can create a new user and set your own password after the initial boot. To do so, go to system settings โ†’ users and create a new profile using your preferred name and password.

Keyboard cover

When connecting the keyboard to the Pinetab2 ensure that the camera and the golden pogo pin connectors are correctly aligned. The external keyboard has 5 connection pins (the golden pins). four are standard USB connectors and one is used to detect that the keyboard is connected.

The backlight can be changed with the key combination Pinekey + Ctrl (right).