There are no PINE64 Pinecils sold on AliExpress. They are not made by PINE64. There are no authorized resellers on AliExpress. Some manufacturer has copied the PINE64 company name, trademark and Pinecone logo and is selling a product made to look like Pinecil through many store fronts, but it is not an authentic. They use a different type of box, i.e., a blue or red box. They are fake copies and do not go through the same quality control as PINE64. It is unclear what type of chips or poor quality cloned chips are used in them. They are not recommended. Genuine new PINE64 Pinecil only comes in a black handle color with a green silicone thumb grip. The original V1 always came in a black box. This model was discontinued and has not been made or sold by PINE64 or authorized resellers since July 2022.

The current official Pinecil (a.k.a. V2 model) comes in a white box (see Pictures), it has a black color handle with a green silicone thumb grip. If you receive anything that has the PINE64 brand name and Pinecone and does not look like described, it is a fake copy that was not made or authorized by PINE64 or the Pine Store Ltd (see Authenticity Checker below, all real PINE64 Pinecils purchased after Aug. 2, 2022 should pass the checker if they are genuine).

Pinecil V2 Authenticity Checker

Pinecil V2 comes with a unique internal ID/Serial number. This allows people to check if the Pinecil V2 is Authentic. To be more sure, update to the newest stable Ralimโ€™s IronOS and check again, see Firmware].