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Development projects

AuthorProject HomepageDescriptionSupported

Ben Brown (ralimtek)

Ralim’s IronOS

Official Pinecil firmware

BL706, GD32VF103TB, Stm32f103

Marek Kraus gamiee/gamelaster

Blisp V2 Flasher

CLI Updater for Pinecil V2, BL70x MCU

Windows, Linux, Mac

Marek Kraus gamiee/gamelaster

Pinecil V1 Flasher

Pinecil V1 GUI Updater

Windows, Mac

Arkaitz Goni Hedger spagett1


Pinecil V1 GUI Updater

Linux, Mac



Bluetooth LE Settings & temperature control from any browser

Cross-platform, runs local script to control Pinecil from PC or phone.

Joric (iamjoric)

BLE browser API

Bluetooth LE Graph

Windows, Linux, Android browsers that support BLE GATT

Tom W (TomW1605) & ithinkido

BLE V2 + ESP32

Bluetooth LE V2 data ⇒ ESP32 BLE+Wifi ⇒ Home Assist display

Cross Platform

Bouffalo Lab

B-Lab Dev Cube

MCU vendor GUI for Dev

BL70x, BL60x, others (does not work for Pinecil V2)

Alvin Wong

Rust code on GD32VF103

Rust code demos for Pinecil V1


Note: Bluetooth (BLE) apps require upgrading Pinecil V2 to IronOS 2.21 or newer firmware here.