• Portability and Temperature control

  • Soldering tips:

    1. Replaceable and low cost

    2. Many styles: currently sold as 4-packs, one fine set, the other larger.

    3. Compatible with other ts100 tips.

  • Multiple power sources will work for more flexibility:

    1. USB-C PD (power delivery), minimum 3 Amps, 12V.

    2. DC 5525 Barrel jack charger, minimum 3 Amps, 12V.

    3. Battery: connect to 18V-21V Lithium-ion tool batteries or 3S/4S/5S LiPo batteries.

  • Pinecil V2 has a BL706 chip, see history of changes below.

Additional features (useful for devkit):

  • Programmable Risc-V BL706 embedded processor

  • V2 model allows BLE Bluetooth control because of the switch to the Bouffalo BL706 MCU.

  • 0.69" Monochrome Display that can render text or graphics

  • Support for Idle detection, sleep mode of tip, automatic shut-down

  • Programmable with tools from Bouffalo Labs, HomeBrew or Linux RISC-V.