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Why buy from a legitimate seller?

The PINE64 Mission is to get hardware into the hands of open source developers and tinkerers. Buying authentic Pinecils supports that mission (see this article).

In July 2022, all final stock sold out of Pinecil V1 (GD32VF103 mcu) at the Pine Store & all legit resellers. There are zero new authentic Pinecil V1 sold in the world after July 2022. Pinecil V1 was made in a black color with a light blue finger grip. PINE64 never made an all-blue Pinecil, and never used blue or red color boxes (those are fake copies with fake PINE64 logos and Pinecone).

Starting Aug. 2, 2022, only the new Pinecil V2 model with the new BL706 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) MCU are made by PINE64 and sold at all authentic resellers. They are black with a green finger grip (see photos in the Picture section). The new model has anti-counterfeiting features. Authentic Pinecil using the newest official GitHub IronOS firmware, will successfully pass the Authenticiy Checker website. If a new Pinecil (post Aug. 1, 2022) does not have a BL706 chip, then it is a fake copy. If the AliExpress seller tries to show "CE certification" documents as some type of proof, those are all copied public info from the documentation page in the certifications section. PINE64 publishes those as they are the CE/FCC certifications for the stamps on the Pinecil. They are not proof of purchase from the Pine Store Ltd.