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Upstreaming status

The data presented in this section requires updating.

Video Output

Linux Mainline


With mpv, you’ll need to specify something like mpv --gpu-context=drm --drm-connector=1.HDMI-A-1 to get it to play back on a VT

3D Acceleration

Linux Mainline

Upstream Mesa


Very recent version recommended for the best experience. Has weird glitches on HDMI output in weston.

Video Decode

Linux Staging

Broken/Not in ffmpeg

hantro_vpu and rockchip_vdec, using v4l2-requests

Soon to be moved out of staging, ffmpeg patch set seemingly abandoned, does not work on newer kernels. Git branch with commits


Linux Mainline


Power Button

Linux Mainline


If your PWR switch does nothing unless held, this may need to be loaded manually with modprobe or by putting it in /etc/modules-load.d/

Analog Video Output

Needs porting


Definitely needs some cleanup before it’d be ready for mainline, and needs some dt bindings written.