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3D printable ITX mounting brackets

A Quartz64-A mounted in an ITX case using 3D printed brackets

Allows mounting a ROCKPro64-A or Quartz64-A board inside a regular PC case that conforms to the ITX standard, using 3D printed brackets:

  • AMF/STL/STEP files plus the original FreeCAD file used to create the models https://wiki.pine64.org/wiki/File:RP64-A_Q64-A_to_ITX_mounting_brackets.zip

  • Make sure to flip the two brackets by 180 degrees on one of the horizontal axes (X/Y) in your slicer of choice before printing to avoid unnecessary supports

  • To allow enough clearance between the board and the bracket you either need to print four copies of the washer model or add nut(s) between the board and the bracket

  • If using nuts for the clearance between the board and the brackets, make sure it creates at least 3.2mm of spacing in between

  • Depending on the accuracy and calibration of a 3D printer, slight deviation can occur and you likely need to manually widen some of the holes to allow screws to fit