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There is a number of things that can prevent the PINE A64(+) board from booting up properly. The most common culprits of a failed boot are (to find out more click here):

  • Subpar or counterfeit microSD card

  • Subpar Power Supply

  • High resistance (thin) or a very long microUSB cable

  • Failed imaging of the microSD card (refer to the respective โ€˜imaging microSD card section)

Make sure to have the newest version of the OS image your are running. On Linux, you can update the kernel and uboot using scripts located in the following directory: /usr/local/sbin

  • To navigate to the directory type (in terminal): cd /usr/local/sbin

  • You list all the available scripts by typing (in terminal): ls

  • To run the script required update script run the following command: sudo ./update_script.sh (substitute the relevant update script for update_script)

Supported Screen Resolutions

The pine supports a number of video resolutions under Linux, however RemixOS and Android images currently only support 720p and 1080p. Linux supports a wider range of resolutions (see all resolutions supported on Linux here). If the native resolution of your monitor or TV is not compatible with the PINE A64(+) then you will be unable to get a video to work with your screen.

Troubleshooting Step by Step

Follow these steps to determine the cause of your problem:

  • Check your PSU and barrel cable ratings

  • Download and image a base image of Linux

  • Plug in Power and Ethernet into your Board

  • Watch Ethernet port LED activity

  • Check your router for SOPINE IP

  • Attempt to ssh into the SOPINE from your computer

If neither of the above mentioned scenarios fits the problem you are facing, please consult this thread (thanks to Ghost for compiling the list): http://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=680

If you cannot find a solution to your problem you can submit a ticket at: https://support.pine64.org/