The SOQuartz SoM does not have a lot of copper to sink heat into. Therefore, it’s recommended you use a heatsink such as the Waveshare CM4 Heatsink, the other Waveshare CM4 Heatsink, or the PINE64 Small Fan Type Heatsink. Please be aware that the Waveshare heatsinks may interfere with any eMMC module, unless you use very thick (2-3 mm?) thermal pads. Local resellers may sell CM4 heatsinks or small stick-on heatsinks, so there’s no need to order them from abroad unless it’s cheaper.

Alternatively, or in addition to this, a rectangle-shaped piece of 1 mm thick thermal pad can be sandwiched between the SoM and the carrier board. This allows the SoM to more efficiently sink heat into the larger mass of the base board.