S01E07: My name is 64 … PINE64

In the seventh episode of PineTalk, the special treat is placed at the end of the movie episode: An interview with Danct12, creator of a the Arch Linux ARM Spin for PinePhone and PineTab. Before that, Ezra and Peter discuss Feedback, two aspects of the PINE64 April Community Update, and get two answer four (!) PinePhone centric listener questions as the Beta Edition is starting to arrive in peoples hands.


  • The community quote of the day today is by Shakespeare "An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made." Biorent Lape send it in

What have they been up to lately?

Community engagement 😀

Listener Questions

  • @leimon asks: What would be your top three recommendations of which OS to run on it and why?

  • Anonymous (who prefers to remain private) asked via email:

    • Is the PinePhone convergence bar meant to be used only when the phone is fully charged and without the bar plugged into a power source? Or is it okay to plug the convergence bar into a power source when the phone is docked?

  • What is the best way to back up the PinePhone Beta?

  • Follow up question, is PinePhone convergence okay for email/note taking or too much lag?


Before we sat down to record this, Peter talked to Danct12, creator of DanctNIX/Huong Tram Linux, an Arch Linux ARM based distribution for the PinePhone and PineTab.

Feedback welcome!

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