S01E08: After √64 (O'Clock)

In the eighth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter discuss news on the PinePhone keyboard accessory, InfiniTime 1.0, Plasma Mobile progress, Megapixels 1.0 and answer three community questions. They also share their minty-fresh first impressions of Pine-y wrist-wear.

The third and final community quote of the day is by Matt Burger @matthewburger "We’re definitely hitting the same high notes; we’re just not singing the same song."

Thank you Matt for sending it in!

What have we been up to lately?


First impressions with PineTime

  • InfiniTime, default OS on PineTime developed by JF

  • Siglo

  • Amazfish, originally a Sailfish OS app ported over to Kirigami that works with many smartwatches


    • WASP-OS Installation Guide

    • wasp-companion is a thing, but the flatpak does not build as a dependency can’t be resolved) and struggles with wasptool, that uses components that no longer come with bluez on Arch Linux. (There is, however, an Android companion app (wasp-os companion for Android that seems to be a Flutter app, so it might be possible to bring over to the PinePhone.)

  • Casio style watch face for InfiniTime - Thanks Electr0lyte!

  • Off-topic: Fluffychat 0.3.0 (a Matrix client) runs on the PinePhone now.

Community engagement 😀

Listener Questions

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