S01E09: Eventful Number 9

In this episode nine Peter and Ezra discuss two conferences that happened recently, the May PINE64 Community Update and some more community news. They also answer four community questions and ask kindly for more!

What have we been up to lately?


Linux App Summit

PINE64 Community Update May


PineBook Pro

  • Fedora

  • Pinebook Pro: production placed on halt due to component shortages; will keep you updated. If you want a Pinebook Pro, now is the time to pick one up.

Custom Firmware tryout progress?

Community engagement 😀

Listener Questions

Blort asked on Tilvids

When are we going to hear/see more about the PineCube?

Sadly no, but Ezra commits to reporting about his successes and failures in the next episode!

Rice Cake asked on YouTube

Have you guys thought about verified boot camp n pinephone? 🙂

If you have experimented with this on the PinePhone, please get in touch!

iNTRa asked on YouTube

Do either of you have your own channels that you post on?

Ezra writes on Elatronion.com, and publishes videos on Odysee or YouTube.

Peter writes on linmob.net and publishes Video Odysee, Peertube and YouTube.

Deon Denis asked on Youtube

How about a FM radio back cover?

Apologies for saying I-two-C, it’s I-square-C. We don’t really know beyond this: RTP’s SDR Experiments

Again: If you know more about this, please tell us about it!

Feedback and Questions welcome!

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