S01E11: Lounging with Linux Lounge

In this eleventh episode Ezra and Peter discuss the June Community Update and interview content creator Linux Lounge! They also discuss (your) community feedback and questions!

What have we been up to lately?

  • Ezra:

    • is releasing a game!

      • It’s nearly done! It should be released June 22nd if no serious issues arise. Otherwise, shortly after.

      • The game is, of course, open source. So, you can make fun of my horrifying code.

      • It’s a mysterious adventure filled with a handful of minigames, a short story and minimal moon logic.

      • It’s called "Televoid: Out of The Loop" and is a fangame for a show I enjoy: Televoid, an online series staring Ian MacLeod on his YouTube Channel. To show our appreciation of this amazing series, some fans and I got together to make this game.

      • It’s pretty much consumed my life these past few weeks…

      • After the released, I might have some fun and see if I can’t port it to the pinephone, for the giggles. otherwise…

    • I’ve also been back on the video making train!

  • Peter:

Interview with Linux Lounge

Make sure to follow Linux Lounge on the following platforms:


BTW: There’s a project that tries to recreate the Windows Phone Live Tile experience on the PinePhone: Retiled

Community engagement 😀

Listener Questions

Frater Michal" @MonsDraconis asked on Twitter

Any information on kde/gs connect for pinephone distributions?, see here

@PitrusCitrus@mastodon.social asks

Question to the both of you @talkpine. What is a project you want to see on the pinephone that can be realistically done by a beginner programmer who’s looking to get their hands dirty and expand their skillset? Be it practical, cool or just plain fun, throw us some ideas! See here

Also, if this is not enough, you might want to have a look at the Mobian App Wishlist. == Feedback and Questions welcome!

Remember: This is a community podcast, so please leave feedback on what we should do better, get your suggestion’s in and feel free to ask questions!

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