S01E12: Privacy and Security with RTP

In the twelfth episode of PineTalk, Ezra and Peter are joined by RTP to talk privacy and security. They also discuss community news: Pineroot, InfiniTime 1.2.0, accelerated video playback on PinePhone and an example for a Lora communicator. The episode concludes with feedback regarding Signal Desktop on PinePhone and two hardware-centric questions.

Interview with RTP

Right to Privacy is a content creator that focuses on privacy and security topics.

Thanks again to RTP for coming on!

Community engagement 😀

Listener Feedback

undev wrote in about Signal Desktop Builder

Listener Questions

New Questions

@jokeyrhyme@mastodon.social asked about Future revisions of PinePhone and PineBook/PineBook Pro.

@goldfinch@fosstodon.org asked about the hardware we would like to see from PINE64 in the future

Modular hardware

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Intro and Outro Music

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